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5/12/19  Following Jesus                                            Garrell Kidd      5-12-19 PM Worship Following Jesus - It's Not Easy.mp3
5/12/19  Happy Mother's Day                                   Garrell Kidd      5-12-19 AM Worship - Happy Mother's Day.mp3
5/5/19    The Christian Life                                         Garrell Kidd      5-5-19 PM Worship - The Christian Life.mp3
5/5/19    What Being a Christian is All About          Garrell Kidd      5-5-19 AM Worship - What Being A Christian Is All About.mp3
4/28/19  Sharing the Gospel                                      Bill Coffin          4-28-19 PM Worship - Bill Coffin - Sharing The Gospel.mp3
4/28/19  Spiritual Unity in a Divisive Culture          Bill Coffin          4-28-19 AM Worship - Bill Coffin - Spiritual Unity In A Divisive Culture.mp3
4/21/19  Trust God                                                      Garrell Kidd      4-21-19 PM Worship - Trust God.mp3
4/21/19  Do This in Remembrance of Me               Garrell Kidd      4-21-19 AM Worship - Do This In Remembrance Of Me.mp3
4/14/19   Longing For God's Presence Pt 3             Garrell Kidd      4-14-19 PM Worship - Longing For God's Presence Ps 84 - Pt 3.mp3
4/14/19  Signs Along the Highway of Life               Garrell Kidd       4-14-19 AM Worship - Signs Along The Highway Of Life.mp3
4/7/19     Longing For God's Presence Pt 2             Garrell Kidd       4-7-19 PM Worship - Longing For God's Presence Pt 2.mp3
3/31/19   Be Steadfast                                                Garrell Kidd       3-31-19 PM Worship - Be Steadfast.mp3
3/31/19   I Can                                                             Garrell Kidd       3-31-19 AM Worship - I Can.mp3
3/24/19   Positive Christian Living                            Garrell Kidd        3-24-19 PM Worship - Positive Christian Living.mp3
3/24/19   Conflict Resolution                                     Garrell Kidd       3-24-19 AM Worship - Conflict Resolution.mp3
3/17/19   Longing For God's Presence                     Garrell Kidd       3-17-19 PM Longing For God's Presence.mp3
3/17/19   The Importance of Perserverance           Garrell Kidd       3-17-19 AM Worship The Importanceof Perserverance.mp3
3/10/19   Good News                                                  Garrell Kidd       3-10-19 PM Worship Good News - Bad News.mp3
3/10/19   Christian Living in a Secular World          Garrell Kidd       AM Worship Christian Living in a Secular World.mp3
3/3/19     Thoughts from Phillipians                         Garrell Kidd       3-3-19 AM Worship Thoughts From the Book of Phillipians.mp3
2/24/19   The Excellence of Love                              Garrell Kidd       2-24-19 PM Worship - The Excellence Of Love.mp3
2/24/19   Popular Teachings Not in the Word        Garrell Kidd       2-24-19 AM Worship - Popular Teachings Not Found In God's Word.mp3
2/17/19   Question Box                                              Garrell Kidd        2-17-19 PM Worship - Questions from Question Box.mp3
2/17/19   Busy or Too Busy                                        Garrell Kidd       2-17-19 AM Worship - Busy Or Too Busy.mp3
2/10/19   Lessons from the Super Bowl                  Garrell Kidd        2-10-19 AM Worship - Lessons From The Super Bowl.mp3
2/3/19     The Repentant Heart                                 Garrell Kidd        2-3-19 PM Worship - The Repentant Heart.mp3
2/3/19     Roadblocks to Joy                                       Garrell Kidd        2-3-19 AM Worship - Roadblocks To Joy.mp3
1/27/19   Jesus Makes a Difference                          Garrell Kidd        1-27-19 PM Worship - Jesus Makes A Difference.mp3
1/27/19   God's Forgiveness                                      Garrell Kidd        1-27-19 AM Worship - God's Forgiveness.mp3
1/20/19    Jesus Birth                                                  Garrell Kidd        1-20-19 PM Worship - Jesus' Birth.mp3
1/20/19   The Goodness of God                               Garrell Kidd        1-20-19 AM Worship - The Goodness Of God.mp3
1/13/19    Overtaken in a Fault                                 Garrell Kidd        1-13-19 PM Worship - Overtaken In A Fault.mp3
1/13/19    Is Your Home a Benefit to the Church   Garrell Kidd        1-13-19 AM Worship - Is Your Home A Benefit To The Church.mp3
1/6/19      Thoughts on Prayer                                  Garrell Kidd         1-6-19 PM Worship - Thoughts On Prayer.mp3
1/6/19      Lift Up Your Eyes                                       Garrell Kidd         1-6-19 AM Worship - Lift Up Your Eyes.mp3
12/30/18  Singing                                                        Garrell Kidd        12-30-18 PM Worship - Singing.mp3
12/30/18  A New Year, Drawing Near                       Garrell Kidd        12-30-18 AM Worship - A New Year Drawing Near.mp3
12/23/18  Joseph, A Man of Virtue                            Garrell Kidd       ​ 12-23-18 PM Worship Joseph, A Man Of Virtue.mp3
12/23/18  When Life Gets Heavy                              Garrell Kidd        12-23-18 AM Worship When Life Gets Heavy.mp3
12/16/18  Moral Excellence                                       Garrell Kidd        12-16-18 PM Worship Moral Excellence.mp3
12/16/18  Resurrected Living Pt.4                            Garrell Kidd        12-16-18 Resurrected Living Pt 4.mp3
12/9/18    Question Box                                             Garrell Kidd        12-9-18 PM Worship - From The Question Box.mp3
12/9/18    Resurrected Living Pt. 3                            Garrell Kidd       12-9-18 AM Worship - Resurrected Living Pt 3.mp3
12/2/18    Hand Me Another Brick                            Garrell Kidd       12-2-18 PM Worship - Hand Me Another Brick.mp3
12/2/18    Resurrected Living Pt. 2                            Garrell Kidd       12-2-18 AM Worship -Resurrected Living Pt 2.mp3
11/25/18   How Do We Respond to Hate                 Tyler Norvell      11-25-18 PM Worship - Tyler - How Do We Respond To Hate.mp3
11/25/18  Resurrected Living Pt.1                             Garrell Kidd       11-25-18 AM Worship - Resurrected Living Pt 1.mp3
11/18/18 David's Heart of Faith and Courage         Garrell Kidd       11-18-18 PM Worship - David's Heart of Faith and Courage.mp3
11/18/18 The Love That Motivates Us                      Garrell Kidd       11-18-18 AM Worship - The Love That Motivates Us.mp3
11/11/18  What it Means to be a Christian 2           Garrell Kidd       ​ 11-11-18 PM Worship What It Means To Be A Christian Pt 2.mp3
11/11/18  What it Means to be a Christian              Garrell Kidd        11-11-18 AM Worship - What It Means To Be A Christian Pt 1.mp3
11/4/18  The Church                                                    Jimmy Ross         11-4-18 PM Worship - Jimmie Ross - The Church.mp3
11/4/18  She Did What She Could                             Garrell Kidd        11-4-18 AM Worship - She Did What She Could.mp3
10/28/18  See Jesus                                                     Garrell Kidd         10-28-18 PM Worship - See Jesus.mp3
10/28/18  Our Amazing God                                      Garrell Kidd        10-28-18 AM Worship - Our Amazing God.mp3
10/21/18  Lord, Increase Our Faith                           Garrell Kidd        10-21-18 PM Worship - Lord, Increase Our Faith.mp3
10/21/18  Hell                                                               Garrell Kidd        10-21-18 AM Worship - The Reality of Hell.mp3
10/14/18  Pursue Peace                                              Garrell Kidd       10-14-18 PM Worship - Pursue Peace.mp3
10/14/18   Jesus the Way                                            Garrell Kidd        10-14-18 AM Worship - Jesus The Way.mp3
10/7/18  Manna project Pt. 1                               Gage Coldwater      10-7-18 PM Worship - The Manna Project Pt 1.mp3
                Manna Project Pt. 2                               Gage Coldwater       10-7-18 PM Worship - The Manna Project Pt 2.mp3
10/7/18   Lessons From a Leper                                Garrell Kidd        10-7-18 AM Worship -Lessons From A Leper.mp3
9/30/18   The Joy of Worship Pt. 2                             Garrell Kidd        9-30-18 The Joy Of Worship Pt 2.mp3
9/30/18   The Joy of Worship Pt. 1                             Garrell Kidd        9-30-18 The Joy Of Worship Pt 1.mp3
9/23/18   Encounter With a Good Samaritan          Garrell Kidd        9-23-18 PM Worship - Enccounter With A Good Samaritan.mp3
9/23/18   Heaven, Make it Your Final Destination  Garrell Kidd        9-23-18 AM Worship - Heaven, Make It Your Final Destination.mp3
9/16/18   Strength                                                      Donnie Collins      9-16-18 PM Worship - Donnie Collins - Strength.mp3
9/16/18   Living                                                       Derrick Shepherd    9-16-18 AM Worship - Derrick Shepherd - Living Sacrifices.mp3
9/9/18     Following Jesus                                            Jeff Dodgen         9-9-18 PM Worship Jeff Dodgen - Following Jesus.mp3
9/9/18     Why are You Here, What Did You Bring   Todd Collins       9-9-18 AM Worship Todd Collins - Why Are You Here, What Did You Bring .mp3
9/2/18     Observations, Lost Sheep, Coin, Son      Garrell Kidd          9-2-18 PM Worship - Observations,Lost Sheep,Coin,Son.mp3
9/2/18     Mission India                                        Mani Pagidipalli         9-2-18 AM Worship - Mani Pagidipalli.mp3
8/26/18   Just a Closer Walk With God 2                  Garrell Kidd         8-26-18 PM Worship - Just A Closer Walk With God Pt 2.mp3
8/26/18   Just a Closer Walk With God 1                  Garrell Kidd         8-26-18 AM Worship - Just A Closer Walk With God Pt 1.mp3
8/19/18   We Do Need Each Other                           Garrell Kidd         8-19-2018 PM Worship - We Do Need Each Other.mp3
8/19/18   I Can!                                                            Garrell Kidd          8-19-2018 AM Worship - I Can! .mp3
8/15/18   Summer Series                                           Jeremie Beller     8-15-2018 Summer Series Jeremie Beller.mp3
8/12/18   What's in Your Backpack                           Garrell Kidd         8-12-18 PM Worship - What's in Your Backpack.mp3
8/12/18   Get Out of Discouragement                     Garrell Kidd         8-12-18 AM Worship - Get Out Of Discouragement.mp3
8/8/18     Loving and Sound                                       Tim Lewis             8-8-18 Summer Series Tim Lewis.mp3
8/5/18     God's Way or Your Way                             Garrell Kidd         8-5-18 PM Worship God's Way or Your Way.mp3
8/5/18     There is Good News                                   Garrell Kidd         8-5-18 AM Worship There Is Good News.mp3
7/29/18   The Most Important Race                         Garrell Kidd         7-29-18 PM Worship The Most Important Race.mp3
7/29/18   The Valley of Dry Bones                            Garrell Kidd         7-29-18 AM Worship The Valley Of Dry Bones.mp3
7/22/18    Mission Trip Report, India                        Tyler Norvell        7-22-18 PM Worship - Report on Mission Trip To India.mp3
7/22/18    A God Driven Life                                      Garrell Kidd         7-22-18 AM Worship - A God Driven Life.mp3
7/15/18    What is Love                                               Garrell Kidd         7-15-18 AM Worship What Is Love.mp3
7/15/18    Why Study the Old Testament P-2          Garrell Kidd         7-15-18 PM Worship Why Study The OT Pt 2.mp3
7/15/18    Why Study the Old Testament P-1          Garrell Kidd         7-15-18 Class GK Why Study The OT Pt 1.mp3
7/12/18    God's Power in Our Lives                         Wayne Roberts   7-12-18 VBS Wayne Roberts God's Power In Our Lives.mp3
7/11/18    God's Power in the Resurrection of Jesus   Derrick Shephard 
                                                                                        7-11-18 VBS Derrick Shepherd God's Power In The Resurrection of Jesus.mp3
7/10/18    God's Power in the Life of Moses           Darryl Wingo         7-10-18 VBS Darryl Wingo God's Power In The Life Of Moses Pt 1.mp3
                                                                                                                      7-10-18 VBS Darryl Wingo God's Power In The Life Of Moses Pt 2.mp3
7/9/18      God's Power in the Creation                    Phillip Johnson    7-9-18 VBS Phillip Johnson God's Power In The Creation.mp3
7/8/18       You Can Make a Difference P-2               Garrell Kidd         7-8-18 PM Worship You Can Make a Difference Pt 2.mp3
7/8/18       You Can Make a Difference P-1               Garrell Kidd         7-8-18 AM Worship You Can Make a Difference Pt 1.mp3
7/1/18       Put Feet to Your Prayers                          Garrell Kidd         ​7-1-18 PM Worship Put Feet To Your Prayers.mp3
7/1/18       Be Committed                                            Garrell Kidd         7-1-18 AM Worship Be Committed.mp3
6/24/18     Gettin Along                                               Garrell Kidd        ​ 6-24-18 PM Worship Gettin Along.mp3
6/24/18     Solomon's Wise Request                          Garrell Kidd        6-24-18 AM Worship Solomon's Wise Request.mp3
6/17/18     How to Handle Criticism                          Garrell Kidd         6-17-18 PM Worship How to Handle Criticism.mp3
6/17/18     How Will You be Remembered               Garrell Kidd         6-17-18 AM Worship Dads - How will you be Remembered.mp3
6/10/18     Things Not Easy, but Necessary              Garrell Kidd        6-10-18 PM Worship Things Not Easy, But Necessary.mp3
6/10/18     The Ultimate Promise Keeper                 Garrell Kidd         THe Ultimate Promise Keeper.mp3
6/3/18       Christian Friendship                                 Garrell Kidd          6-3-18 PM Worship Christian Friendship.mp3
6/3/18       I Need A Do Over                                       Garrell Kidd         6-3-18 AM Worship I Need a Do-Over.mp3
5/27/18     Show Me                                                     Garrell Kidd         5-27-18 PM Worship Show Me.mp3
5/20/18     The Meaning of Forgiveness                    Garrell Kidd        5-20-18 PM Worship The Meaning of Forgiveness.mp3
5/20/18     When Life Gets to Busy                            Garrell Kidd         5-20-18 AM Worship When Life Gets Too Busy.mp3
5/13/18     Try Understanding                                    Garrell Kidd         5-13-18 PM Worship Try Understanding.mp3
5/13/18     Mother's Day                                              Garrell Kidd         5-13-18 AM Worship Mother's Day.mp3
5/6/18       Graduation                                                 Garrell Kidd         5-6-18 PM Worship Graduation.mp3
5/6/18       Turn-Serve-Wait                                         Garrell Kidd         5-6-18 AM Worship Turn - Serve- Wait.mp3
4/29/18     Since You Were Raised With Christ        Garrell Kidd          4-29-2018 AM Worship - Since You Were Raised with Christ.mp3
4/22/18     Faith Works                                                Garrell Kidd          4-22-18 PM Worship - Faith Works.mp3
4/22/18     Be Anxious For Nothing                            Garrell Kidd         4-22-18 AM Worship - Be Anxious for Nothing.mp3
4/15/18     Put Off- Put On                                          Garrell Kidd         ​ 4-15-18 PM Worship GK Put Off - Put On.mp3
4/15/18     Obey the Bible                                            Garrell Kidd         4-15-18 AM Worship GK Obey the Bible.mp3                                                     
4/8/18       Doing Good                                                 Garrell Kidd         4-8-18 PM worship GK Doing Good.mp3
4/8/18       Who Hindered You                                    Garrell Kidd         4-8-18 GK Who Hindered You.mp3   
4/1/18       God Came to Earth                                   Garrell Kidd           4-1-18 PM Worship GK - God Came to Earth.mp3
4/1/18       I Stand Amazed                                          Garrell Kidd         4-1-18 AM Worship GK - I Stand Amazed.mp3
3/25/18     Bad News- Good News                             Garrell Kidd         ​ 3-25-18 AM Worship GK Bad News - Good News.mp3
3/18/18     The People Assembled                             Garrell Kidd          3-18-18 PM Worship GK The People Assembled.mp3
3/18/18     Jesus, His Claim, His Promise                   Garrell Kidd        ​ 3-18-18 AM Worship GK Jesus, His Claims His Promise.mp3
3/11/18     His Commands are not Burdensome     Garrell Kidd         3-11-18 PM Worship Garrell His commands are not burdensome.mp3
3/4/18       Source of Authority                                    Garrell Kidd        ​ 3-4-18 AM Worship GK Source of Authority.mp3
2/25/18     Responding to Trials                                  Garrell Kidd         2-25-18 AM Worship GK Responding to Trials Suffering.mp3
2/11/18     Are you a disciple?                                     Garrell Kidd         ​ 2-11-2018 AM Worship GK Are you a Disciple.mp3