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Mission Work
If you would like to contribute to any of our mission work via paypal you can by hitting the link. Please just mention on your payment which missionary work you would like to support.  

Since 1965, Bear Valley has worked to accomplish the commission of 2 Timothy 2:2 – entrusting the pattern of sound teaching in the gospel to faithful men who will then be equipped to teach others. 

Today, Bear Valley trains preachers in 20 countries around the world and hopes to reach 30 countries in the next decade.

We work, in particular, with Bill Stewart, Regional Director of Development/Instructor at Bear Valley. Bill holds a B.B.S. and M.B.S. (Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver). He has been a preacher and elder for 22 years with the church in Council Bluff, Iowa. Bill conducts various meetings and workshops, training men to share the good news of Jesus.

Bill Stewart, Regional Director of Development/Instructor
6271 Snowberry Avenue
Firestone, CO 80504


For almost a decade, Dr. Mani Pagidipalli has been serving as a missionary in his home country of India. Daily he travels to villages teaching, preaching and converting those of Hindu, Muslim, Catholic and other backgrounds to Christianity. 

Since his work began, Mani has established 193 Church of Christ congregations.  Funds from the Tuttle church of Christ have gone to support the development of these churches as well as a host of other good works.  One such example is the implementation of water filtration systems, installed in structures attached to the church of Christ buildings so that those wishing to get clean water must also come to the church building. 

Other good works supported by our congregation have been the development of schools for young children, shelters for orphans and widows and free medical/dental clinics hosted by the church of Christ in villages throughout India. In July 2018, a permanent medical clinic was opened. Mani and others will provide health care to India residents while simultaneously introducing them to the good new of Jesus.

In 2015 Mani established the Church of Christ Preachers Training Program in order to train men to share the gospel of Christ throughout India. In July of 2018, the very first preacher training graduation ceremony was held.  70 men and 5 women graduated from the program, and seven of the top male graduates were equipped with motorcycles in order to travel throughout India evangelizing and preaching. The women who went through the program will be able to teach Christianity to children attending school. 

Mani Anand Pagidipalli

In Search of the Lord’s Way is a worldwide television and radio ministry that began in 1980 with the vision of Mack Lyon, then preacher at the church of Christ in Wewoka, OK. As church attendance dwindled, Mack saw the need for a television/radio program that would reach those not in regular attendance.

Requests for materials increased, thus increasing the need for a larger staff, more oversight and finances.  The program moved to Edmond, OK, and continues to remain under the oversight of the Edmond church of Christ elders today.

Today, In Search of the Lord’s Way is used by missionaries abroad. It appears on all 210 television markets in the United States, nearly 150 local cable stations and 50 radio stations.

In Search of the Lord’s Way ministry remains dedicated to its five-fold purpose: to take the Way of salvation to thousands who live right among us; to light a candle in the darkness of immorality; to resist the materialism and humanism that is choking the faith and spirituality out of so many people; to restore credibility to the religion of Christ that has been diminished in many religious programs; to tell your friends that the church of Christ is not dead, but that it is very much alive and that we care.

In Search of the Lord’s Way
P.O. Box 371
Edmond, OK 73083


The Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies exists to train high quality preachers, teachers and other Christian workers to meet the needs of the church, to prepare men and women all over the world in the church of Christ to be effective servants in the Kingdom.

Gladwyn Kiddoe is the Director of the Jamaica School of Preaching and works daily training men to preach the gospel.

The JSP is located in the Mona Heights community of Kingston, Jamaica. Graduates of the JSP now serve in 18 countries throughout the western world.

The education is tuition free, available because of the support received by congregations such as the Tuttle church of Christ and other faithful Christians who see the need for preacher training.

Gladwyn Kiddoe
2A Palmoral Avenue
P.O. Box 5704
Kingston 6


BK Hyun is a missionary to South Korea. We support his work along with the North MacArthur church of Christ.

BK Hyun
Euni-ro 55 beon-gil
Samsung Villa #301
Gyeonggi-do 13154
Korea, Republic of

+82 10 9070 2065

Kermit Webb, a preacher since 1962, began a radio program called The Old Landmark in 1974. Kermit currently attends at Southwest church of Christ in Oklahoma City, OK, and continues to offer short devotionals over the radio followed by biblical question/answer session with the radio audience. He can presently be heard on a ½ hour program weekdays at 11:30 on KTLR 890 AM in Oklahoma City.

The Old Landmark
Kermit Webb
P.O. Box 19414
Oklahoma City, OK 73144